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Abyssinian: about the breed

Abyssinian cat is an active and energetic animal of medium size with unique «sunny» ticking coloration. Abyssinians are very harmonic, emotionally and physically balanced animal with its extraordinary cattish and really regal bearing.

The character

Abyssinians are unaggressive, extroverted, sociable cats. They generally get along well with other animals (cats and dogs). They are very playful, especially with children, and prefer the active style of life. But in spite of these characteristics they will be very glad to settle themselves close to you and purr in your ear.

The head

The head is broad and moderately wedge shaped with rounded outline – all the lines have gentle contours. There is a slight ascent from the line to the forehead. The forehead is rather salient, wide distance between ears, gentle line/transition to the neck. The Abyssinian’s nose and chin usually form a straight vertical line when viewed in profile.

The face

The face is not sharp, pointed and not square. The chin is not beveled and not salient.

The ears

The Abyssinians have big (relatively large), moderately pointed, alert ears. The ears are wide, open, bowl-shaped at the base. It seems that the cat listens to something all the time. The hair on the ears is shot, close-fitting with black or umber tips if the cat has wild/natural color of coffee brown tips if the cat has reddish-brown color. The azure/blue Abyssinians have dark steel tips of their ears and Fawn Abyssinians have a light-cream tips.

The eyes

The eyes are almond shaped and colors include gold, green, hazel or copper. The eyes are big and expressive; they are outlined with dark color.

The body

The body is of medium length, lithe, brawny and graceful. The body is very compact and at the same time elongated. The proportion and the balance are more important than the size.

The legs and paws

The legs are slender in proportion to the body, with a fine bone structure. The paws are small and oval. It seems that Abyssinian cat stands on tiptoe.

The tail

The tail is long, streaming. The Abyssinian has a fairly long tail, broad at the base and tapering to a point.

The coat

The coat is medium-length, dense, silky, thick and flexible to the touch. It settled very close to the body. The coat is sparkling because hair has a base color with three or four darker-colored bands; the hair is the lighter color at the root, and the darker «ticking» color at the tip.


Abyssinians are extremely active and playful. They like communication; Abyssinians are very devoted to the man and keep his company. The Abyssinian cats with great pleasure can go on a picnic or to your weekend cottage or go for a walk in the park with you. The won’t let you oversleep and will help to make the bed.