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The first vaccinations are made to kittens at the age of not less than 6-8 weeks, with the subsequent renewed vaccination. For an adult cat it is necessary to repeat an inoculation in 2-3 weeks if the vaccination is made for the first time. Then it is necessary to impart a cat annually at the same time without renewed vaccination. The three-month-old kitten is ready for moving to its new home because it has all necessary vaccinations. The information about cat’s vaccinations should be included into the veterinary passport. 10-15 days before vaccinations should be included into the veterinary passport. 10-15 days before vaccinations the animal has to treated from entozoic/internal and ectozoic/external parasites. Entozoic/internal parasites/helminthes (intestinal worm) It is recommended to provide internal parasites treatment every 3 months. The medicine and the doze are individual. The best way is to follow the vet recommendations. In our cattery we use Drontal, Advocat, Profender. Ectozoic/external parasites/flea, ticks To provide external parasites treatment we use drops on the withers, sprays and collars. In our cattery we use Frontline, Advantage.


Hair should be combed not more than once a week. It is better to wash the animal in case of need (according its hair becomes dirty).


The eyes don’t need a special care: in case of need they should be sponged by the wad of cotton wool, wetted with concentrated tea or chamomile/calendula decoction. It is important to sponge in direction from the lateral angle of eye to the nose.


In the case of need the ears should be carefully sponged by the wad of cotton wool.


The cat’s claws should be cut in proportion of their growing – once a three weeks. The special ungula clippers are used for careful dry (dead) claw cutting.