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What is the right way of kitten feeding? There are a lot of endless debates. Somebody is an industry-made pet food supporter, somebody argues for natural food. The industry-made pet food could be used only of super-premium class: Mastery, Royal Canine, Hill’s etc. They are balanced and provided with all necessary vitamins and minerals. There are some tinned food and dry feed which combined with each other well. If you decided to feed your pet with natural food, use:

-turkey heart and stomachs (chop meet, because cats should chew); -low-fat 3-day-frozen meet (beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit); -vegetables (carrot, spinach, cauliflower); -low-fat (no more than 5%) diary products (cottage cheese, cultured milk foods, yogurt) – not more than twice a week; sometimes 10% cream; -cereals (rice, buckwheat, oats); -fish (sea fish only! Without bones, after freezing); -boiled quail eggs – not more than twice a week; -sea products (shrimp, mussel); -oil; -vitamins and food additives (Canina). Totally it should be not more than 300 kilocalories a day!!!

It is forbidden:

-remnants from your table; -pork, liver; -sausages (boiled, smoked); -sweets; -raw eggs; -milk. The healthy feeding is the guarantee of yours pet’s health and beauty, of its regularly stool, constant weight and excellent mood!!!